Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is it really a blog if I have not posted since June 09?

Christie and Kristi- this blog's for you...
Ok- I am going to try to be better at this. I can't make any promises but I will try to do better than one post every 8 months.

Christie- I loved what you had to say about discovering your passion. I have too many and I need to figure out what I am passionate about and what things are just distractions from my passions.

What do I like:
  • scrapbooking
  • stamping
  • antiques/decorating
  • crazy quilts
  • fabric crafting
  • fishing
  • reading/writing
What am I gifted at:
  • organization
  • administration
  • thinking outside the box
  • listening/encouraging
  • putting colors/patterns together
  • optimism
What are my short-comings:
  • no dedicated spiritual quiet time/distractions when I do try to study/pray
  • distractions while working on projects or when multitasking
  • inability to say "NO"
  • want to do more than I have time/resources to do
  • not good with constructive criticism
  • self taught in too many areas-computer,photography etc
Ok- so were do I go from here? I need some priorities. What all keeps me from doing the things I would like to do. WORK- well I have to work to pay for my passions and obligations. Working two jobs limits my free time. I wish I could just work at TUC ( more $$ and could do fewer hours for same pay) I guess I need to be in prayer about this.

Household chores get in the way as well. There is never a shortage of things to do... laundry, cooking/kitchen, general cleaning. I have never been fond of housework- I am not an obsessive cleaner, so it is hard to be motivated to do this. I need to be sure everyone is doing their part around here. I need to declutter. The less stuff in the way- the neater it is and easier to clean.

So I think I will set some goals:
  • Bible Study daily
  • declutter ( get stuff ready for a garage sale)
  • organize a craft area
  • limit extra wok hours so I can craft or spend time with family
  • journal ( blog more)incorporate prayers and other things as well
  • create crafting portfolio
  • take better care of me
  • take some formal classes to learn how to work smarter with gadgets
Pray for me and check back and see if I am making any progress. Feel free to encourage or harass me if I am not keeping up with these goals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well... what does one blog about on for the first post? I will not faithfully update as many of my really good blogging friends do. I will have typos because I don't really know how to type and I don't check my work before entering. The words form and from will often be interchanged and for is frequently fro. I am convinced that I must suffer from some type of dyslexia that is only present during typing. (If you have this same ailment then let me know - we can start a support group)

I guess it is customary to say what is going on in my world now...
I am currently doing a Women's Bible study of Colossians- It brings back old memories of the first "real" studies I participated in. Patsy Cadwell led us ( a motely crew of young tired mothers trying to figure out who we were) and we took forever to get thru this little book.
I have two daughters. Katelyn is my oldest- she is a sophmore at Hardin- Simmons in Abilene, TX. It is great to have her home from school. She is working at our church as an intern in our children's ministry department. This is right up her ally as she is a kid magnet and elementary education is her major. She is a fabulous babysitter. She is very creative and I think a talented writer.
My youngest daughter is Emily. She just completed 5th grade and will start junior high next year. She is playing softball this summer and she loves to fish with her daddy. In fact - they are fishing in a tournament this Saturday.
I am married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years (as of May 20th) and our marriage is a testimony to the grace that God gives us all. I will blog about this at another time. Kevin and I have many common interests and it really gives us things to talk about. We fish tournaments together and this year we are actually directing a circiut of couples who fish. We also like baseball and are loyal Ranger fans.

Well TTFN - time to tend to other items of business. Hope you all enjoy this info and I will try to update soon.